Live in Kyoto DVD : Now Available!

This video was recorded in 2007 while on tour in Kyoto Japan. I was playing with Tomo Fujita and Blue Funk. The band is just a trio so there was lots of room to play. The style is Blues based Fusion.

Tomo is a very popular and successful artist in Asia. He is also a Professor in the Guitar Department at Berklee College of Music. John Mayer studied under Tomo while he attended Berklee College. The two of them remain good friends.

The musicians on this DVD are Tomo Fujita on Guitars, Larry Finn on Drums and of course me on Bass. There were a few special guests that came up and performed with us. You will recognize Larry Finn from some of my original recordings. We collaborated on the CD "The Dig". Also, we have worked and recorded with many other artists as a rhythm section. Larry is also a Professor at Berklee College and in my opinion, one of the finest drummers in the world.

I hope you will check out the DVD. I have a very limited supply of these, because they were only released in Japan and I can't even buy them. I was able to get one case of these DVD's and when they are gone, that's probably it. The DVD is in Japanese, but plays fine on any DVD player.


Now Available !





Anthony Vitti
Berklee College of Music