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My books are now becoming available on the Knowledge Rocks App for iOS. You can download the App for free at the Apple App Store. I hope you will all check it out. I've been working with Knowledge Rocks for over a year now. These folks have done an amazing job bringing my materials to the iOS. Reading music on a computer requires special attention and consideration that no other company was willing to do until now. When I saw the work they were doing, I wanted to be a part of it. This is the future. Over the next few months I'll be releasing all my books on the App. I also intend on writing a new book which will only be released on the KR App. This is only the beginning and I'm working with them to make the App a better experience than you can get with any book. Here are some of the features.

Perfect Scrolling:

If it doesn't have to scroll, it doesn't! Reading scrolling sheet music on a digital device can seem the most unnatural process for any musician, whether a beginner or the most veteran session player. Trying to read music notation when it is moving can be as hard as trying to read a license plate on a fast moving car. 

Scores and Audio in Perfect Sync:

Sheet music, scores and audio have always lived in harmony. As professional musicians we have thought for a while that current offerings of books with CDs, or online equivalents of the same, can be limiting, disconnected and ultimately confusing. You download your desired music and scores and then spend hours trying to figure out which audio file matches which score whilst having to use multiple applications and tools to facilitate your music practise. To make every musician's life easier they have created a new digital file format and called it 'KR FILE'. This file type includes all the elements that belong to the piece of music you are currently working on. Each KR file includes artwork, text and tags for all embedded media files, for an easy-to-use and intuitive learning experience.

The KR Store:

On the KR store you will be able to find KR files.  These files come from a vast range of different providers from established publishing houses like Faber Music; small independent publishers; musicians; artists and educators like myself, a long standing bass educator at Berklee College of Music with my own publishing operation; public domain content from sites like the International Music Score Library Project and content with Creative Commons licenses that allow the free sharing of the material from websites like Mutopia or Musopen.

For more information on the KR Player and Knowledge Rock, go here:

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Anthony Vitti
Berklee College of Music