Favorites :

1969 Jazz Bass

This is by far my favorite Bass. It is a 1969 Fender Jazz. It was a custom order from Fender in 1969. It has a mahogany body and is stamped in the neck slot with the words "Special" in red ink. Very rare, but besides that, it is one of the best sounding Jazz Basses I have ever heard. The neck is the super thin "A" width. The weight is between an alder 60's Jazz and the heavy ash bodied 70's. I bought the bass for $800 in 1986. What a steal! I have all the original hardware, but I have put EMG pickups in it and I have a Hip Shot "D" Tuner on it. The color is Seafoam Green and when I play it, I run it wide open. I never adjust the volumes.


1965 Jazz Bass

Now don't be scared when you look at this. Yes, those are holes drilled through the body. I bought this 1965 Jazz Bass, because I wanted the neck. I found the bass in a pawn shop and the body had holes drilled in it, but the neck was excellent. The guy thought it was junk, so he sold it to me for $600. I sold the neck for $1,200. There was one original pickup that I sold for $225.The machines and bridge got me another $300. Now after making money on the deal, I still had that body lying around my house. I found the Moses Graphite Jazz neck on ebay for $150. I threw a set of EMG's in it and had the other parts sitting around. I the painted the body red and gold leafed the whole thing. That's right, it's covered in gold leaf. I know it's crazy, but I'm not done. I string it from low "B" to "D". It's what I call my "Hip-Hop" Bass. It sounds great and I play and record with it all the time. I won't play a five or six string, so this is a good compromise for me. I get the feel and sound of a four string, but I can give the people the low notes when I need to. Plus it's a great conversation piece. Maybe I'm starting something here. I'm sure some company will have one out next year.

By the way, When I took the original neck off that body, the neck slot was painted Candy Apple Red. So were the machine holes in the neck. that's right, some idiot stripped and drilled holes through a 1965, Candy Apple Red with matching head stock Jazz Bass. Yikes! Well, who wants a $14,000 sparkly Red Jazz Bass anyway. Doooohhhhh!









Anthony Vitti
Berklee College of Music