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DaaDoo Music was formed in 1995. We did this because we felt there was a need to provide bass players with materials that are challenging for even the best players. The books are written by me, Anthony Vitti. I attended Berklee College of Music from 1982-1986. I graduated with honors and went on to work towards my Masters degree in Jazz performance at the University of Lowell. I have had the opportunity to work with a very wide variety of artists such as, Sammy Davis Jr, Liberace, Rita Moreno, Bobby Vinton, George Burns, Nell Carter, Robert Klein, Jerry Lewis and many more. Performances include Gregg Bissonett (David Lee Roth), Steve Smith (Journey), Toy Caldwell, Felix Cavalier, Carmine Apece, Blues Saracino, Boston, John Scofield, Gary Nicholson and many others. I wanted to publish challenging material for advanced bass players. I know that when I go to music stores and poke through the selection of bass material available, It's tough to find music that is challenging for me. many players write to me with the same experience. I wanted to write books that I would go back over again and again to keep my chops up. Of course there are some excellent books like the "James Jamerson" book out there, but they are few and far between. The overwhelming majority of books available are for the young player who is new to the instrument. Although they are very useful, where do you go from there? I like to think that I give the young player something to shoot for. My books are challenging but not out of reach for those of you new to the instrument. You will find that my books are right to the point. I mean a lot of content and not a lot of wasted space. I have taught thousands of students at Berklee College Of Music, and I develop all my material for my students before I put it in the books. That is why I know the material is challenging and useful in building "Real" skills on the instrument.

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I started my own company "DaaDoo Music" So I could control the content of my books and publish materials that I actually use in classes and lessons at Berklee College of Music. You will find great materials from publishers like Hal Leonard and Mel Bay. I feel my materials compliment the great tradition these companies have set in the industry. True, I could probably sell twenty times more in sheer number of books being sold if I had the distribution of the big companies, but in the end, it's all about the music and helping players find a direction, and this way I have total control over the content. That is why you will never find material like this anywhere else. You will find that I do not have a lot of pictures or unnecessary writing, because these things add a lot to the cost of printing books. When you buy our books, you get two things, content and a lot of stuff to practice. If you buy our books, I want to thank you, because your money is going directly to supporting the artist and people involved with publishing the books. You have nothing to lose when you buy our books, because if you don't like them for any reason, we will send you your money back. Stay loose!







Anthony Vitti
Berklee College of Music